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Hello, nice that you are here :) The move of our website "teamspeak-interface.net" has been successfully completed, but should you notice a few defects here and there, we would be very grateful for a note. In this sense, thank you for your patience and have fun exploring our new website.

Without assigned version

Type Summary SP Status Votes
Verbesserung Improve TS Explorer

Improve user experience and how TS Explorer works

- Zu erledigen 1
Verbesserung More variables for text messages - Zu erledigen 0
Neue Funktion Implement the functionalities of API keys for Teamspeak 3 server - Zu erledigen 0
Neue Funktion Implement backup cleanup

New setting options and backups can be removed automatically after a certain time or only allow a certain number of files.

- Zu erledigen 0