and the TSI come under the hood ...

Hello, nice that you are here :) The move of our website "" has been successfully completed, but should you notice a few defects here and there, we would be very grateful for a note. In this sense, thank you for your patience and have fun exploring our new website.
  • Due to the fact that the product range grows with the Plesk extension for the TSI and the upcoming Voice Server Manager and I would like to make all support as well as all other information centrally available to every user, the Tea (m) project speak Interface will soon be under the roof of the actual company DW </> Web Engineering. In the course of this change, the Internet address will also change, among other things, but I will set up a corresponding redirect in this regard. I can't say exactly when this change will take place, because it depends on how quickly the work on the new website and the Hurricane update for the TSI (1.3) takes place, because I would like to have these two milestones together connected. As a customer or user, you do not have to do anything else, because the user accounts as well as all existing subscriptions, memberships and licenses are of course also transferred.

    If you have any questions about the planned changes, simply use the forum or a private ticket. As soon as the move is just around the corner, I will inform all users again via email. Best regards, Daniel

  • I would like to inform you that the official move (as already announced in the last post) is just around the corner. It is planned to start moving on Friday, June 9th, 2020 and to complete the move on Sunday at the latest. Under certain circumstances, this planning could be postponed for a maximum of one week if the preparations in the background cannot be completed in time.

    Since I am also very satisfied with the current beta phase of the Tea (m) speak Interface (1.3.x), I plan to release the new minor version at the same time. In this regard, I would like to inform you that the minor release will also change the way licenses are offered. All products that are currently available in the shop, as well as the optional memberships (Prime or Hoster administration), are no longer offered. All licenses issued so far can of course continue to be used and will not experience any changes or special restrictions. Existing licenses can also be expanded as usual using the user account.

    The current license products for the Tea (m) speak interface will then be replaced promptly by subscriptions or rental licenses, which generally have a term and a notice period of one month and are automatically extended. The prices and services are as follows:

    Subscription label STARTER GAMING HOSTING
    Manageable voice server instances 1 2 unlimited
    Virtual servers per voice server instance 1 2 unlimited
    Additional TSI users 3 10 unlimited
    All extensions included (excl. Reseller management)
    ja ja ja
    Reseller management nein nein ja
    Access to updates
    unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Price / month (including VAT)
    5,95 Euro
    11,90 Euro
    49,95 Euro

    All subscriptions or rental licenses allow both private and commercial use and no longer differentiate, as is currently the case.

    For questions regarding the upcoming changes, I am of course available at any time via ticket, forum or contact form. I would also like to point out that in the above Sporadic unavailability of the website can occur, but these should not last too long. You can reach the new website at the Internet address and as already mentioned in the article above, appropriate redirects will be set up for the start.

    In this sense, I would like to thank all users who currently support us so well during the beta phase and I can only say it again and again, without you the TSI would not be what it is;) I also hope in The future continues to receive many great ideas and suggestions for improvement from you.

    Best regards,