Module Simple Bots BETA available via package server

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  • Note: Please note that the beta versions are not intended for productive use, but only for preliminary testing. Nevertheless, if a beta version is installed via the package server, you have to reckon with the possibility of serious errors or irretrievably losing data. The use of beta versions is therefore at your own risk!


    + It is now possible to deactivate the detection of DDOS and excessive server load via the configuration file config-default.php in the config directory (see

    === Release Simple Bots BETA - 26.04.2019 ===

    + A security lock has been implemented to prevent an already active bot process from being started a second time

    + The Simple Bot now has server load detection and issues corresponding warning messages if, for example, the CPU load rises above 95% or the hard disk has less than 5% disk space. The bot goes to sleep for 30 to 60 seconds when the server load is critical or high! (For Linux systems only)

    + A new option "!monitor" has been added to the command line actions, with which a user can have the load on the CPU and hard disk output at regular intervals (For Linux systems only)