TSI 1.x - Non Profit [B]


Multifunctional web interface, including installer, for managing TeaSpeak and Teamspeak 3 instances, based on the TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework with role and user management for individual and customized delivery of the interface to customers, co-administrators or other groups. All other features can be found in the respective function descriptions. Due to the modular structure and the integrated extension manager, it is also possible to develop and install your own extensions.

Basic license (optionally expandable)

Designation Non Profit Balanced
Usage rights Exclusively for private use
Running time unlimited
Updates 1 year
Manageable instances 2
Manageable web users 20

System requirements

Properties Minimum Recommended
Memory 128 MB
512 MB
PHP v7.2 v7.3
MySQL v5.0 v5.7
safe_mode Off Off
max_execution_time 30 sec
60 sec
max_input_time 60 sec
120 sec
post_max_size 8 MB
16 MB
upload_max_filesize 8 MB
16 MB

Required PHP Extensions

ionCube Loader
BC Math
Curl Multibyte String
Zip Zlib
GD Library

Other requirements

Licensing and operation only under valid domain or subdomain possible (localhost optional)
Browser: Mozilla Firefox from version 58.0.1 (64-bit) / Google Chrome from version 63.0.3239.132 (official build) (64-bit)
Screen resolution: 1768x992 / 1920x1080
Internet connection required

Published Versions

  • TSI Main System (Jan 9th 2021)
  • TSI Main System (Oct 11th 2020)


Version 1.2

Released versions

Version 1.3

Released versions
Unreleased versions

Version 1.4

Unreleased versions
Price including 19% sales tax