Can I also manage my existing Tea(m)speak Interface and its associated license through the Plesk extension?

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    IMPORTANT! The TSI version 1.3.x is currently not yet supported by the Plesk extension.

    Yes, that works fine, because the Plesk extension is basically free and not tied to a specific license. Even if you purchased your TSI license directly from our site and do not have an exclusive Plesk license, you can also manage your TSI instance via Plesk. Only the functions of the license pool are not available to you for the Plesk extension, but this pool is only needed to manage exclusive Plesk license packages.

    You can easily add an existing TSI instance via the Add Existing Instance tab via the Plesk extension. The deposited license is recognized automatically.

    You can also use your directly purchased license to reinstall a TSI instance via Plesk, all you have to do is specify your serial number / license key in the last step of the installation process.