How do I create a ServerQuery with customized permissions? (TeamSpeak 3)

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    Basically, the configuration options and access to a voice server instance in the TSI are based on the authorizations of the respective ServerQuery user whose access data was used when adding the instance. For example, if the ServerQuery user does not have the authorization to create a new virtual server, you will also receive an error message in the TSI when you try to do so. The easiest way to get all rights is of course to use the root access or the "serveradmin", but we do not recommend this for security reasons. The ServerQuery user should only ever have as many permissions as necessary. In order to create a ServerQuery user with individual rights, you have to know that when creating the login data, this user always inherits the rights of the server group to which you are currently a member. If you generate access data for a ServerQuery user as Server Admin with the help of the TS3 client, then this user also has the rights of a Server Admin. With the help of this information, it should in principle no longer be a problem to create a customized ServerQuery user specifically for the TSI.