How can I change the domain of my rental license?

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    In order to prevent misuse of rental licenses, it is unfortunately necessary that changes to the domains or resetting of the domain binding are carried out by the support team. However, a domain reset per customer per month is generally completely legitimate, but everything that goes beyond that is decided on a case-by-case basis. To change a domain, do the following:

    1. Switch to the page of your subscription overview via the menu items "My account> Subscriptions"
    2. First copy the respective subscription key of the rental license whose domain you want to reset to the clipboard (CTRL + C)
    3. Below the table you will find the area with the heading "Reset domain binding", click on the "Fill out form" button (see screenshot)

    4. Another window now opens. Now copy the subscription key from the clipboard into the specified field (CTRL + V) and send the form

    5. After submitting the button "Fill out form" should be deactivated, this button is available again when the task has been processed by us.