stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to tcp://[...]:10011 (Connection refused): [EN]

  • Possible causes and help ..

    This is a problem in connection with the connection to the respective voice server. Please check first if this is online and accessible and if yes, if the connection may be partially blocked by a firewall or another service such. Eg Fail2Ban or ModSecurity. The following ports are z. For example, Teamspeak 3 servers are standard and should be usable for a smooth operation:

    • Default port (UDP incoming): 9987
    • Default file transfer port (TCP incoming): 30033
    • Default serverquery port (TCP inbound): 10011
    • Default weblist port (UDP outgoing): 2010
    • Default tsdns port (TCP incoming): 41144
    • Default accounting port (TCP outgoing): 2008