After updating the Teamspeak interface does not work anymore (from version 1.2)

  • Possible causes and help ..

    During an update, it may happen that files can not be updated or even corrupted. The reason for this can be, for example, an incorrect configuration of the access rights for directories. Since the effort to identify the affected files is much too high, here is a reasonable all-round solution:

    • Step 1: Create a complete backup of the database and all files on the webspace
    • Step 2: Download the current archive of TSI Main System 1.2 and upload it to the main directory of the current TSI instance
    • Step 3: Unpack the uploaded archive in the main directory and overwrite all existing files
      • Now delete all browser cookies and the browser cache. To empty the cache of the TSI manually, you should manually delete the following directories from the web space:
        • "cache/"
        • "js/cache"
        • "css/cache"
      • If it worked, everything should work as usual
    • Note: If after the login the message appears that updates are available, then carry out the update again