General guidelines for error and troubleshooting

  • For the sake of fairness and efficient support, we reserve the right, for fairness to all other customers, to discard insufficient reports or to treat them with subordinate priority. Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Although we make every effort during the development and in the subsequent test phases to make everything perfect, it can unfortunately also happen that during the operation of a stable version in the productive mode to errors. The reasons for this are on the one hand in the diversity of the underlying operating systems and their peculiarities, on the other hand, but also on the user himself. All in all, unfortunately, you can not do anything, because we are all just human. Nevertheless, we are always striving to provide you with a high-quality support in the event of a fault, in order to be able to resolve these so-called bugs as quickly as possible with the help of updates or hotfixes.

    Unfortunately, it is often the case that most of the errors are attributable to the user himself, so you will receive a checklist with which this aspect can in principle be ruled out before:

    • Does the configuration of the operating system/webspace/PHP meet the given system requirements of the TSI? For example if on the webspace PHP is running in version 7.3 this is not the case. An overview of the current system requirements can be found here ..
    • If it is a problem in connection with the connection to a voice server, please first check if this is even online and accessible and if so, if the connection may be partially blocked by a firewall or another service such as Fail2Ban or ModSecurity. Some hosters like to block different ports to allow communication but to avoid file traffic. The following ports are eg. used by Teamspeak 3 servers as standard and should be usable for smooth operation, also in conjunction with the TSI:
      • Default port (UDP incoming): 9987
      • Default filetransfer port (TCP incoming): 30033
      • Default serverquery port (TCP incoming): 10011
      • Default weblist port (UDP outgoing): 2010
      • Default tsdns port (TCP incoming): 41144
      • Default accounting port (TCP outgoing): 2008
    • Does your license have the necessary features, such as operating on a local server environment? Basically, all licenses are tied to a domain, depending on which license you have deposited in the TSI, the operation may be limited in this regard. The scope of your license you can at any time in your customer account under "My Account> Licenses" query.

    If you can answer yes to all the above questions, then we will start preparing for error handling, because we can only provide you with high quality support if we have the necessary information. So, before you contact support with your report in the forum or via the ticket system, we would ask you to work through the following points:

    1. Enable DEBUG mode in the TSI by setting the debug_mode value to "true" in the "config/default-config.php" file (default is false) and then saving the change.
    2. Make sure that error logging is enabled on your webspace and acts at the highest possible level with "E_ALL".
    3. Now try to reproduce the error by doing everything exactly as it did when the error occurred. If the error occurs again now, it will be logged by the TSI and PHP as much as possible.
      • If instead a proper error page appears (see picture) proceed as follows:
        1. Please check if you have the possibility to send a direct report to us. If so, then please send us this report and then contact us via the ticket system at the support team indicating the domain used at the time of the error.

        2. If you do not have the possibility to send a direct error report here or if you do not receive a proper error message, continue with step 4.


    4. Now go to the directory "logs/" and check if there are the required log files. There are three types of logs, including the TSI logs marked main_{date}.log and the system error logs error_{date}.log. In the context of the Simple Bots module, log files called sbotrun{Instance ID} {Virtualserver ID}.log are stored in this directory. If any logs are duplicated, we only need the most recent files. If in doubt, you can of course also send us all, please archive the files but before by ZIP. If the error occurred during an update, we also need the logs from the directory "logs/update"
    5. If there are no log files, please check the error logs of your server/PHP (eg Apache, etc) for entries.
    6. Please check in advance in the help section if there is already a corresponding article regarding the error. If this is not the case, continue the search in the forum (eg using the search function). If you really can not find anything, continue with point 7.
    7. Now that all possible sources have been used to identify the cause of the error, please weigh whether you want to contact the bug report via the ticket system or in the forum to the support. You have to be aware that posts in the forum are generally visible to everyone. If, in the context of your report, some of the data are not intended for the public, please use the private ticket system.
    8. The following information must at least contain a bug report:
      • Details of the system based on the given system requirements
      • Domain and directory of the TSI installation (If you do not want this information published, please use the private ticket system)
      • A detailed description of how the error occurred
      • Possibly. Screenshots of the mistake itself and how it presents itself
      • All corresponding log files as described above as file attachment in ZIP format