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Should any content or the design technical design of individual pages or parts of this website infringe third-party rights or statutory provisions or otherwise bring about competition-law problems, we would like to rely on § 8 (4) UWG to provide adequate, sufficiently explanatory and rapid Message without cost note. We guarantee that the rightly disputed passages or parts of these web pages are removed within a reasonable period of time or are extensively adapted to the legal requirements, without you having to call in a lawyer. The involvement of a lawyer, to pay for the service provider warning, does not correspond to his real or presumptive will and would thus a violation of § 13 Abs. 5 UWG, because of the pursuit of unrealistic goals as a dominant motive of the initiation of proceedings, in particular a cost-intentioning as actual instinct fields, as well as a breach of the obligation to mitigate damages. Costs incurred without prior contact will be fully rejected and, if applicable, trigger a counterclaim for breach of the aforementioned provisions.