Tea(m)speak Interface

Type Summary SP Status Votes
Bug TS-Viewer does not work after TeaSpeak update

TS-Viewer error Node 'TeamSpeak3_Node_Server' has no property named 'virtualserver_weblist_enabled'

- Fertig 0
Verbesserung very time the container is updated or started, the hypertext access is also restored - Fertig 0
Bug Bugfix for RFC2397 does not allow unlinking - Fertig 0
Bug Fixed a bug that caused snapshots to be placed in the wrong directory or not created during automatic creation - Fertig 0
Bug A bug has been fixed that resulted in icons in the server list not using the correct path - Fertig 0
Bug Bugfix: scandir(..): failed to open dir: No such file or directory - Fertig 0
Task The PHP version of the Docker container has been changed to 7.3.26 - Fertig 0
Verbesserung The "storage" folder has been adapted for operation in the Lambda environment or container environment - Fertig 0
Verbesserung A link to the Docker hub was improved - Fertig 0
Verbesserung When restarting a container, or after an update if the TSI has already been set up, an automatic DB update is now carried out every time - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Updates via package servers have been deactivated for operation in the Docker container - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Improved icon import for instances - Fertig 0
Task Added extension packages to docker image - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Improved creation of cron.php for running cronjobs with crontab - Fertig 0
Verbesserung The initialization file for cron jobs is now moved to the data folder when the TSI is operated in the Docker container in order to be persistent - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Added env variables to dockerfile - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Improved installation script - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Improved handling of checksum file for auto db updates - Fertig 0
Verbesserung The TSI now uses a uniform data path "data" for changeable files or caching - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Improved icon import for virtualserver - Fertig 0
Neue Funktion Implemented manual updates for modules if a version.txt file exists in extension image dir - Fertig 0
Bug Bugfix for Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable - Fertig 0