Tea(m)speak Interface

Type Summary SP Status Votes
Neue Funktion Multi-factor authentication

The possibility of multi-factor authentication has been implemented. The authentication can either be set up by email by sending one-time passwords or set by using the GoogleAutenticator app.

- Fertig 1
Verbesserung Improve the display of breadcrumbs - Fertig 1
Neue Funktion Instance labels

For better differentiation it should be possible to give instances individual labels.

- Fertig 1
Bug If you want to restore icons from a TSI backup package that does not have any icons, there is no feedback via the process window - Fertig 0
Bug Incorrectly configured cache drivers can no longer be changed - Fertig 0
Verbesserung Execution of cron jobs via API interface has been optimized - Fertig 0
Bug Display error of the instance symbols - Fertig 0
Bug Typo in the security settings - Fertig 0
Bug There is no line break for very long entries in the ban list - Fertig 0
Neue Funktion Implement the functionalities of API keys for Teamspeak 3 server - Fertig 0