Tea(m)speak Interface

Type Summary SP Status Votes
Verbesserung Allow .info domains when assigning e-mail addresses - Fertig 1
Neue Funktion Implement an SMTP connection for sending e-mail and a way to test it - Fertig 1
Neue Funktion Also assign server groups to be protected

Server groups that are to be protected should also be assigned using the checkbox if an authorized client does not currently have the corresponding server group.

- Fertig 0
Neue Funktion TSI-Backup Cronjob

The possibility of having TSI backups created using cronjob

- Fertig 0
Verbesserung Improved email address validation

Removing the limit for the number of characters in the TLD and possibly implementing a check on the MX record

- Fertig 0
Task Complete beta test - Fertig 0