Third Release Candidates - TSI Main System 0.0.57, Modul API Interface 0.0.8, Modul Channelgroups 0.0.24, Modul Client Permissions 0.0.22, Modul Filetransfer 0.0.23, Modul Servergroups 0.0.24

  • Teamspeak Interface Main System (RC3) Changelog:

    • Optimizations:
      • The performance could be increased several times, as icons are now loaded asynchronously. Furthermore, the check of individual icons has been removed, as this process has affected the performance of the entire program too much for many icons on virtual servers too much, which often led to errors, such as "Username already exists". Instead, a warning icon next to the lettering of the Import button appears in the menu of the respective virtual server if the number of imported icons does not match the number on the virtual server

      • Persistence of server queries has been significantly improved
      • Fixed an issue where snapshots could not be created on Windows servers
    • Bug fixes:
      • Fixed a bug that caused Windows Server not to display the icons in the top navigation bar
      • Added missing translations

    Module API Interface (RC2) Changelog:

    • New
      • A new method has been added to get the list of all virtual servers of an instance.

    Module Servergroups (RC3), Channelgroups (RC3), Clien Permissions (RC3) Changelog:

    • Optimizations
      • All icons will be loaded asynchronously
      • The persistence of the server queries has been improved

    Module Filetransfer (RC3) Changelog:

    • Optimizations
      • The persistence of the server queries has been improved

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