• Hello Augusto22xb, please excuse me but my English is not that good. Nevertheless, I will try to answer your questions as well as possible.

    Hi, explain to me how this panel connects to the server.

    The Teamspeak interface is completely based on the Teamspeak 3 PHP Framework and accesses a Teamspeak 3 server exclusively via ServerQuery. If you would like more details about it, you can find it all in the official API documentation on the website https://docs.planetteamspeak.c…/php/framework/index.html

    And I want to know the risks of using this panel.

    That's a good question and I want to be honest, because there is no program that is perfect. Even though I've spent every free minute for almost a year and a half making everything as safe as possible, it can be natural that there are certain vulnerabilities that have not been discovered by the more than 200 beta testers yet , When it comes to the risks, it always depends on the user, because it makes a difference if, for example, you provide an instance with the Server Admin Query rights or take the time to create a Query Guest login that has only the rights which are desired or needed for management. However, access to permissions is always at least twofold protected by the TSI. Firstly, any options in the frontend are only displayed if the respective user has the authorization to do so, and secondly, the function itself would also check once again whether the respective user has the necessary authorization for the call. As far as general security is concerned, I always strive to provide appropriate security updates at regular intervals, such as in the last update to version 0.0.49 of the TSI Main System. Furthermore, I always try hard to handle the support very quickly and thanks to the integrated auto-update manager, relevant updates can be created and installed within a few hours. In this sense, I can not give you the guarantee that TSI is completely safe and error free, but I can guarantee you that until now everything necessary has been tried and done to achieve this goal and is constantly working on it. I hope I could answer your questions here and my English was reasonably understandable. Best regards, Daniel

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