Manage virtual servers

Create a virtual server (individual)

  1. On the dashboard, select the respective instance under which you want to create a new virtual server. You are now in the menu of the server list of the respective instance.
  2. To add a new virtual server, click on the "Create virtual server" button in the upper right corner and set the desired properties in the following settings window. Finally, confirm your entries by clicking on the "Save & Next" button (see screenshot)
    Create individual virtual server
  3. Now wait until the process is finished and the current page has updated.

Create virtual server from template

  1. As an alternative to individual creation, you also have the option of simply creating virtual servers from a template, provided that templates are already available (see screenshot)
    Create a virtual server from a template Create a new virtual server from the template overview

Edit the virtual server

  1. Click in the respective line of the virtual server to be edited in the "Actions" column on the "Server Interface" button (see screenshot)
    This will take you to the server interface
  2. When you arrive at the server interface, you now have the option to change all the settings of the virtual server. To save changes, simply click on the "Save" button in the upper right corner below the status bar (see screenshot)
    Edit virtual server in the server interface

Remove virtual server

  1. There are two different ways of removing one or more virtual servers
    • Option 1: Click on the X symbol of the virtual server that is to be removed and confirm the entry in the following security question by clicking on the "Continue" button
    • Option 2: Mark the checkboxes of all virtual servers that are to be deleted, select the "Delete" option in the drop-down menu below the server list and click the "OK" button on the right. Confirm the action again in the following security question by clicking on the "Continue" button

    Remove or delete a virtual server