Installation - Step by Step

  • Load the current archive of the TSI Main System from the download area into the desired directory on your web space and unzip it
  • Open the directory in which the files were extracted in the browser and follow the installation instructions

  • If you want to use a MySQL database for operation, then create it in parallel and note the access data for the following installation process. Alternatively, you can also use the native SQLite database, but this is not suitable for every application. Here is a little decision-making aid for you:

    • There are certain times when SQLite can be more effective than the alternative. Here some examples:
      • Smaller projects that don't require a lot of scalability
      • The multiple user access is very low
      • If you have to read and write directly from the hard drive because there is no other option
      • Development and / or testing environment
    • Here are some scenarios in which MySQL is recommended:
      • A high level of multi-user access can be expected
      • The application requires a larger database
      • The project requires more scalability
      • When developing customer-specific solutions

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